Politics, used to be the way of getting things done. Today, it seems that politics has become the business of short term fixes and this is a very real frustration for many Australians. We need to able to look long into the future and decide now to make things happen which may not bear fruit for decades. In 2014 we sent a notice to the Australian Electoral Commission for the Preregistration of the “Vision For Australia Party”. This however is not our immediate aim. We feel today that Moments are where the real power lies. Groups of people who come together on issues of particular importance, who define the essential goals of their movement and who bring the weight of their numbers to bear, who take a stand and who make things happen! More than ever before, movements are forming across the country (and around the world) in order that important decisions not only get taken, but get implemented. Vision for Australia is a forum for a wide range of topics related to a wide range of issues, all connected by the common theme that they are formed with the Long Term future of this country in mind. If a particular issue is of importance to you, we’d welcome your support. Please join us.