Vision for Australia

For too long Australia has been meandering without vision or clear purpose further and further down the road of homogenisation, political correctness and mediocrity. It makes me mad. All cars look the same today and without a clear vision of who we are, what we stand for and aspire to, Australia risks becoming another commodification nation.

Big Questions are looming, Where to from here?

What will our next great industry be?

How, will we power our future so that it’s clean, green and sustainable?

How will we justify the decisions we make today to the Australians of tomorrow?

Well, there is really only one way, and that is with a clear vision of what we what our nation to look like 12, 20, 50, years from now and, here-in lies the fundamental flaw in the way our current system operates. It’s geared toward short-term thinking with no reward-mechanism for long term decision making. There are any number of examples, but take climate change. Basically, we’re in big trouble.

Well, not us so much but our kids and their kids. And what are we doing about it? No where near enough that’s what. A nation like Australia should be at the forefront of research and development into ‘energy-transition’ and we’re not. We’re not talking about it nearly enough, and we’re certainly not investing in it to anywhere close to enough. And just a question… why, as the hottest country in the world, soon to be a lot hotter, aren’t we the silicon valley of solar energy?

Australia should be the undisputed world leader in this field with a largely, solar-based economy and the reason we’re not is simply because there has been a lack of leadership, lack of incentives, lack of urgency and the entire absence of a national vision for solar energy in this country and that needs to change!

The starting point for all this needs to be nothing less than the adoption of a new national ethos, certainly, based on the lucky country but, imbued with a new spirit of personal responsibility and bias for action. I refer to it as The Can Do Country, and at its core it stands for; getting difficult things done! For Australia to continue punching above its weight we need to be a nation immersed in the task of creating the best-ever Australia and no one endeavour will serve us better than becoming The Can Do Country.

We all know, there’s so much to do and our nation is growing so fast our job is to take charge, be daring and direct that growth in order that all Australians benefit. The Can Do Country is our opportunity and, if we get it right, our legacy.

Vision for Australia is a social movement calling out to you from a generation yet to be born – to think big, be bold, take action and make this nation as great as we can possibly imagine.